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Auricle Ear Seeds - Silver Ear Seed Kit



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The Auricle Ear Seed Kit contains all the information you need to embark on your auriculotherapy journey.

Each pack comes with an Auricle Ear Seeds wellness guide, which offers detailed instructions plus ear seed protocols for stress & anxiety, detoxification & cravings, immunity & sleep, and general pain points.

Auricle Ear Seeds silver-toned stainless steel seeds are sedating and relaxing and help to unblock the body’s energy channels.

The subtle appearance of these seeds is ideal for those looking for the effectiveness of ear seeds without being too obvious on the ear.


*If you’re looking for a more jewellery-like aesthetic, we recommend Auricle Ear Seeds 24k gold-plated seeds.


Kit includes:

  • 20 x single-use silver toned ear seeds (made from a nickel-free metal alloy)
  • Wellness guide
  • 4 x Alcohol skin preparation swabs

Auricle Ear Seeds are single-use only, can be worn for two to four days depending on your individual concerns and needs and the area of placement on the ear. Each pack comes with an Auricle Ear Seeds wellness guide, which offers detailed instructions on each protocol.


We suggest cleaning the area thoroughly with an alcohol swab and allowing to dry completely for maximum adhesion. When applying avoid touching the sticky side of the seed with fingers as it will not adhere properly.


Seeds are single-use only and we strongly advise against reusing them as they may oxidise and cause irritation. We don’t recommend you keep them on for longer than four days and dispose of immediately.


We do not advise using while pregnant or if you suspect you are pregnant.

Auricle Ear Seeds silver seeds are nickel free and are composed of a stainless steel-based metal alloy, backed with a clear, medical-grade adhesive tape.

The tape may contain traces of latex; do not apply if you have a latex allergy.

Made in Japan.


Auricle Ear Seeds are TGA registered.