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About Us

Bond: The Intrinsic connection between humans and nature.  

Bond Clean Beauty sets a new standard for luxury beauty, offering a clean selection of makeup, haircare, skincare, wellness and lifestyle.

At Bond Clean Beauty, we believe it’s important to understand the connection between humans and nature, an approach that guides how we experience and live our beauty routines every day.

We’ve carefully curated the best of what nature has to offer, by sourcing the most trusted brands and products from around the world.

Meet the Founder

As the founder of Bond Clean Beauty, Clare McGrowdie’s client list reads like a ‘who’s who’ of Australian and international celebrities.

Her client list, built up over twenty years working in the hair and beauty industry, includes Catherine Martin, Baz Luhrmann, Judy Davis, Jack Black, Adam Devine, Taron Egerton, Zack Snyder, Richard Roxbury, Yael Stone, Kat Stewart and Harriet Dyer.

Clare has worked fashion week events in Australia, New York and London; and been integral behind the scenes for clients at red carpet events like The Met Ball (Met Gala), The Academy Awards, Cannes Film Festival, the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards and a multitude of Australian and international film premieres.

Her ad work includes consulting on the Chanel No 5 commercial featuring Gisele Bündchen, her editorial work has appeared in top publications such as InStyle magazine and her knowledge of what works in beauty is second to none.

Bond Clean Beauty’s Conception

Five years ago, despite her successful life as a stylist, Clare found herself searching. She began having severe reactions to chemically-laden products. After being diagnosed with multiple autoimmune disorders, doctors advised her to keep away from toxic products.

The problem? Once Clare began researching, she was shocked, not only by the volumes of chemicals used in cosmetics but by their side effects. Clare went from shopping at high-end boutique stores, enjoying luxurious products and experiences, to browsing health food shops where the packaging and performance of the beauty products on offer just didn’t meet her needs.

Clare made it her mission to find products that would support her natural lifestyle, but also replace the beloved tools of the beauty trade she’d been relying on for years. This mission sent Clare down a rabbit hole, searching for better beauty options that met her and her clients’ standards. After months of research and product testing, Clare began to find the niche, premium and effective natural beauty products she’d been seeking.

Instead of a product with one active ingredient, she found a superior one with 20.  She found high-end products without cheap, synthetic fillers, endocrine disrupting ingredients, neurological disrupters or carcinogens. She found products that disclosed every ingredient, including sourcing locations and even details about the community in which they came from. And not only were these products up to the high beauty standard she’d become accustomed to, they were surpassing them.

With the years it took Clare to find quality products that were safe, non-toxic and delivered a magnificent experience, she couldn’t imagine how hard it would be for other Australians who didn’t have the time or industry knowledge to filter through the options. So she decided to act and share her knowledge, and Bond Clean Beauty was born.

The Future of Beauty

Bond Clean Beauty is now home to the best of what Clare found in her search for luxury natural beauty. Today, the business is home to natural and non-toxic products that are effective, luxurious and beautifully packaged.

With the research and experience to prove it, Clare believes natural and toxin-free is the future of the cosmetic and beauty industries. With Bond Clean Beauty, Clare brings her deep knowledge of makeup and premium natural products to her loyal customers and offers an expert edit of the best of clean beauty.

Bond Clean Beauty also offer consulting services.

Bond’s Baddies – what we don’t put on our skin

At Bond Clean Beauty, what we don’t put on our skin is as important as what we do.

Modern life puts our skin through an onslaught of chemicals, whether they’re inhaled, ingested or absorbed. And although we can’t always escape them, we can make better choices to minimise our chemical exposure.  To make all the label and tagline reading easier, we created the Bond’s Baddies list of the key chemicals and nasties to avoid putting on your skin. It’s easy to read, easy to take shopping and better for your skin and health all around.