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Beauty Dept.

Through a rapidly evolving environment with a strong focus on organic & healthy foods, as well as fitness and wellbeing, makeup artist Nadine Monley saw a need for pure, toxin free natural beauty products made with organic ingredients. With over 10 years of industry experience in makeup Nadine developed a signature base by mixing essential oils into her foundation and recognised the benefit on the appearance of the skin. Bondi beach based Monley began a quest to unearth and redefine the world of natural beauty.

Nadine believes that beautiful skin comes from – and deserves- the purest of formulas and ingredients. Driven by this passion and purpose Beauty Dept was born from hours of research and development in Nadine’s Bondi Beach kitchen, using natural coconut oils and essential oils to develop and perfect the perfect formulas. All of the good stuff.. none of the bad.

All beauty department products encapsulate health, dynamism and environmental focus, further solidifying this ethos with a strong focus on sustainability and the environment with 100% biodegradable and recyclable packaging.

Beauty Dept products ensure not only the best and most natural of ingredients for your skin but is determined to ensure its environmental footprint is at its most minimal.