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Love Alkemy

Love Alkemy is a remembering of Ancient wisdom in modern times.

Created by modern-day alchemist, Tanya, Love Alkemy weaves and marries the feminine and masculine aspects of oneself throughout all her beautiful products.

The vision at Love Alkemy is to midwife beautiful projects earthside, using Shamanic principles to steward the brand in the areas of conscious co-creation, conscious gifting, and sustainability.

The limited edition nature of this offering is significant, it reflects the philosophy of our Indigenous ancestors. As stewards of the planet our Indigenous ancestors were mindful that nothing was overharvested. It was the responsibility of the current generations to ensure that they left the planet in good health for those who came after them.

Love Alkemy is deeply inspired and touched by this way of moving through the world and does not believe that growth business models are sustainable. For this reason, they have decided to cap the numbers on their gift boxes. Once we have sold our allotment for the year then this offering will close till the following year.

Conscious of their responsibility to keep their ecosystem in good health, all physical offerings in the Sacred Union Gift pack can be returned to the Earth with minimal impact on the ecosystem. They have put much thought into how they can leave minimal negative or harmful impact in birthing this physical product into life.

Beautiful things do not need to cost the Earth.