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Purify Co

The healthy, feel-good hand sanitiser!

Made from natural red algae, 100% natural perfumes and rare Australian botanicals, Purify Co hand sanitiser smells amazing and is perfect for everyday use.
Purify Co non-toxic gels aren’t gummy or sticky. Even better, they boast the highest rating for killing germs (99.9999%)– yet remain incredibly gentle and nourishing on even the most sensitive of skin.

Inspired by nature.

Purify Co is the result of a remarkable collaboration between scientists and skin care specialists, in response to the need for a natural, gentle alternative to the synthetic hand sanitisers on the market today. Their world-first gel hand sanitiser kills 99.9999% of germs, but doesn’t have any of the harsh petrochemicals you’ll find in other products.

Developed by the smart scientists at the Biologics Innovation Facility at University of Technology, Sydney, as well as by independent researchers, Purify Co hand sanitisers are inspired by nature but guided by science. The result is a perfectly balanced plant-based skin care product.

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