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Rahua, Rainforest Grown Beauty

Rahua – Amazonian Beauty, Rainforest Grown. Made with organic, natural and pure plant derived ingredients Rahua and Palo Santo.
Rahua products are known for their pure ingredients and unparalleled performance.

Created by husband and wife team Fabian Lliquin and Anna Ayers after a visit to the Amazonian Rainforest while working on conservation, environmentalism and human rights.
Fabian, a New York Hairstylist and Anna, a fashion forecaster, began working with the Quechua-Shuar tribe after they were introduced to the rainforest grown Rahua Oil. For centuries the members of this tribe relied on this oil to nourish their hair and skin. Today, more than 500 families from the Quechua-Shuar, Achuar, and neighbouring tribes work with Fabian and Anna to cultivate the rainforest grown ingredients used in the Rahua hair care and body care collections.

As environmentalists, the Rahua founders are inspired by Mother Nature. Fabian and Anna work alongside the Indigenous People of the Amazon to gather rainforest grown ingredients only from self-sustained forests, with the promise to never harvest non-regenerative rainforest ingredients.

Fabian and Anna believe that caring for your hair and skin with clean, non-toxic formulations is an essential part of overall health. That’s why each Rahua product relies on plants—not chemicals—to provide a superior level of performance.
All of Rahua’s products are made with plant-derived and organic ingredients, are vegan and cruelty-free and contain no parabens, sulphates, or gluten.
Scented with the exotic fragrance of organic Palo Santo oil and featuring the potent reparative and restorative Rahua, Morete, and Sacha Inchi oils, Rahua products offer a luxurious experience and lasting results that have created a cult following on five continents.

We make products that reconnect us with nature and give us the opportunity to re-think how we’re impacting the planet.
We created the Rahua brand to preserve and honor unique cultural rituals and traditional, sustainable ways of life that protect the rainforest and its people.

Symbiotic® Ingredients
Rahua created a new cosmetic category that transcends organic and fair trade, called Symbiotic, which means ingredients are grown wild (not farmed) in the virgin rainforest, are hand processed through ancestral knowledge and the makers are paid an above fair-trade price to build economies and strengthen the position of the Indigenous People. By doing this, Rahua has helped them create a healthy self-sustained economy which encourages them to continue living in the Amazon utilizing their special traditions and ultimately being the guardians and protectors of the Rainforest.

Water Conservation
Our non-toxic, clean formulas prevent pollution of our water ways.
The Pink Flamingos Project
In collaboration with their environmental group, Ecoagents, Rahua created the Pink Flamingos Project, a continuous environmental clean-up effort working with locals to clean natural habitat areas of the pink flamingos and other endemic species in the Galapagos Islands.

Carbon Neutral and Beyond
Thus far Amazon Beauty, Rahua and Ecoagents’ environmental work in the field have been a success! They have preserved 37,500 hectares of pristine and biodiverse tribal lands deep in the Amazon Rainforest for perpetuity. Ultimately producing oxygen and offsetting the carbon footprint for every single one of their clients, retail partners and more! Rahua is proud to say they are beyond carbon neutral and generate oxygen surplus. Beauty is Power!