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Forget Disposable Razors: This Sustainable Option is so Much Better

For some people, shaving unwanted body hair can be the bane of their beauty routine. It’s tedious, the results are short-lived, and it cuts into time that could be spent doing other beauty-related things. Plus, pants are sometimes easier, are they not?

Surprisingly, it’s also one area of personal grooming that has been traditionally overlooked: shaving foams are boring and often toxic, while razors generally don’t elicit much excitement, or worse, they’re disposable (and made of plastic).

But innovation is rife, and shaving (if you chose to do so) doesn’t have to be an in-shower add-on while your conditioner marinates. Additionally, it doesn’t have to end in dry skin, redness or bumpy ingrowns. In fact, it can be a calming, even enjoyable ritual, so long as you have the finest tools on hand. Read on for our advice.


Agent Nateur’s Holi (Skin) Shave Oil is revolutionary product in personal grooming. It’s lightweight, vegan, and gently emulsifies from an oil consistency to a soft, frothy lather when you add water. Built from a base of rice bran, rosehip, and sunflower oil, it’s a wonderfully hydrating product, and a heavenly alternative to drying foams or soaps.

Completely clean and non-toxic, the formula also contains jojoba, argan, and lavender oils, so not only does it feel like silk on the skin, but it smells clean and aromatic – like an expensive bath house (only it’s your bathroom, and you’re shaving your legs, not having a massage).

But for the smoothest shave possible, you’ll need to pair your Agent Nateur Shave Oil with an incredibly effective razor, not a cheap, supermarket buy that’s going to rust in a matter of days. Our favourite at Bond Clean Beauty are Merkur, who manufacture beautiful, traditional razors that will not only last you a lifetime but give you the smoothest shave ever.

The handle is firm and weighty, and blades can be replaced as often as needed. For a close, irritation-free shave, lather the desired area with Agent Nateur Shave Oil, hold your Merkur Razor at a 45-degree angle, and run against the direction of hair growth. It works equally well on legs, bikini line, and the face, should your partner want in on the action.

You can purchase new stainless steel Merkur blades in a pack of 10, and they’re rust resistant and designed to facilitate up to seven complete shaves. After each use, be sure to rinse clean and gently dry your razor, and take care when replacing the blades.

The Merkur and Agent Nateur pair, when used together, will ensure your shaving experience is a clean, environmentally responsible, and incredibly chic one. In other words, a far cry from the routine you likely already follow. Complete your full body servicing with the proverbial skincare cherry on top: a slather of Agent Nateur’s Holi (Skin) Shave Oil all over, because it also doubles as a body moisturiser! Now marvel at your silky smooth limbs, because why should your face get all the attention?


Words by Emily Algar.