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Natural Selection: Busting the Myths Around Natural Beauty Products

Let’s be honest, many of us (including the Bond Clean Beauty team) are unsure at first if natural and non-toxic skincare is for us. In the past, natural products have been perceived as less effective, too earthy and lacking the glamour and polish of their unnatural counterparts.

Gratefully, natural skincare is on the rise all over the world, as legions of people wake up to the benefits of avoiding toxic products. And there’s a new wave of gorgeous, effective beauty products available that not only match the properties of standard products but surpass them with their skin enriching benefits and boost to overall health.

Still unsure if clean beauty’s for you?  Well, we’ve busted five major myths around natural beauty which may give you pause to consider a change.

Myth 1: Buying natural means compromising on quality

The ill-informed idea that natural products don’t work is a persistent myth that needs to go the way of the dinosaur. Natural beauty brands typically use ingredients that have worked for centuries! Yet somehow, the thought of benefiting from knowledge passed down through the ages is often perceived as less desirable. These days, many natural brands are also taking a science-based approach to their work by teaming up with chemists to formulate the most potent products, using the best and safest ways to create skincare without adverse side effects or long-term risks.

Myth 2: Big brands do it better

Most of us are guilty of falling for brands owned by large companies with big marketing budgets at their disposal. With plenty of money to splash on billboards, television commercials, magazine ads and in-store promotions, it’s no wonder many people gravitate towards big beauty brands. But big doesn’t necessarily mean better. It’s important to remember that just because skincare is made by a well-known luxury label, doesn’t necessarily mean the products have luxurious ingredients. In order to fulfil the demand for large amounts of product, big brands typically have to use cheap synthetic fillers and watered down ingredients. On the other end of the spectrum, small and niche companies are able to use high-potency, natural ingredients because they supply smaller amounts of product to the market. Taking this into consideration, it’s easy to see why we’ve been led to make less than desirable choices. Ultimately, big brand products aren’t more effective, they’re just more visible.

Myth 3: Natural ingredients can coexist with toxic ones

Many brands are learning that more consumers want skincare made from safe ingredients. So instead of making non-toxic products, these brands are adding words like ‘natural’ to their packaging to trick consumers into thinking they’re buying a natural product. Adding natural ingredients like chamomile or lavender to a product that contains a toxic cocktail of known carcinogens and harsh chemicals doesn’t make the skincare natural, it’s still a toxic product. Instead, choose natural products with genuine credentials and an ingredients list without parabens, aluminium or artificial fragrance. If you’re ever unsure, read our ingredients checklist ‘Bond’s Baddies‘ or search EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database.

Myth 4: Natural beauty products are only for people with special skincare needs

Natural beauty products aren’t just for people who have allergic reactions to certain ingredients. While many people start using natural skincare after getting pregnant, reacting to other brands or experiencing a major health crisis, increasingly clean beauty is being embraced by everyone from celebrities to CEOs, flight attendants, suburban school teachers and switched on nannas who want to avoid chemical-laden skincare. Consumer demand is driving the natural skincare market, so it’s only a matter of time before products made with excessive amounts of toxic ingredients are no longer a part of the mix.

Myth 5: A longer shelf life is better

Got old skincare products you haven’t used for years lurking in the bottom drawer? Then you probably don’t like those products very much! Binning them and starting afresh might be the wisest move. Just like food, fresh is best. Beauty products that have long shelf lives (of up to ten years) are often packed with additives. From preservatives to artificial fragrance and synthetic ingredients used by big brands to increase the shelf life of a product are also some of the same ingredients that may have a negative impact on your health.

There are other good reasons for replacing old products: sunscreen has a shelf life of about one year, mascara is only meant to be used for about three months and any creams that require you to dip your fingers into a pot can become a breeding ground for bacteria over time.

Non-toxic products use natural preservatives so tend to have a shorter shelf lives of up to one year after opening. They’re made with fresh ingredients and are designed to be used immediately – not kept around for years gathering dust. When it comes to beauty products, shop like you would for fresh produce.

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