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Mindful Moments

I created Bond Clean Beauty, not only to share my passion for beautiful, well-made, safe cosmetics, but to also share with you a different way of conversing with beauty. In a world where beauty is fast and ever changing, it is hard to keep up. Where the ingredients no longer mean anything to the brand selling them or resinate with the person experiencing them. The vibration of conventional beauty can be erratic and over-whelming.

The beauty brands in which I resonate with have to have quality. They not only have to do the job of the conventional norm- which is to perform and of course to be safe to use; they also have to bring more beauty into my life. My routine not only consists of just products, but products and ingredients that also nourish my spirit and soul. An aspect I now seek in every part of my life. Much like Marie Kondo’s theory of ‘Does it spark joy?’.

In Fiore is one of those brands for me. Their intoxicating potions will do just that and make you want to never reach for another conventional product in your life! Creator, Julie Elliott works intuitively with scent and blending, allowing the spirituality and healing powers of plant therapy to optimise skin function. ‘Perfumery as Medicine’ is the brands credo.

In Fiore’s botanical solutions line also have a psycho-spiritual component to each so not only can you choose a product by what it does for the skin, you can also choose one based on what your energy is desiring.

Using these products become a ritual in itself. You don’t need to create time to do this. When applying your moisturiser or serum to the skin you cannot ignore their incredible scents and healing powers. Take and deep breath and inhale.

In Fiore’s formulations apply a deep understanding of aromachology to stimulate the senses while offering hydrating and curative effects. Applying ancient medicinal wisdom and aromatic benefits to awaken the senses, seduce, protect, transform, transcend and heal, combined with modern science that looks at the skin’s olfactory response to floral essences, stimulating tissue repair and accelerated healing in the skin.

Using In Fiore’s incredible potions becomes a moment in my day that I long for and with it brings so much happiness and light to my life, a moment that lingers with me much longer than the time it took to apply.

Finding beauty, joy and gratitude in my day and experiencing mindful moments that become my meditations is what it’s all about and I love that I have the honour to share these beauties with you and hope that they may bring more meaningful moments to your life.