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Anthia Koullouros

‘Learn to meditate, to observe nature, be still and rest. Rest to digest, rest to restore, rest to rejuvenate. Slow down and smell the roses. Slow down and actually see what it is going on. What are you striving for? Why is it so hard? What’s going on? Why are you stressed? Is it working for you?’

– Anthia Koullouros 

Anthia Koullouros is a leading naturopath and the creator of Ovvio Organics, a line of delicious organic teas made with naturopathic benefits. Anthia is my personal naturopath and has the most calming, empathetic and grounding energy. I recently shared a cup of Ovvio Organics tea with Anthia and asked her to share a bit about herself and her beautiful business.


An early love affair with plants and herbs

Anthia’s interest in naturopathic medicine started when she was just 12 years old. Coming across a book on her parent’s bookshelf titled, How To Heal Yourself, by Poala Ariola, Anthia was blown away by the idea that plants could heal any ailment. Anthia started growing herbs and making her own medicines from her back garden. She then went on to study naturopathy at 18 years old and was mentored by Penelope Sach (the renowned Australian naturopath based in Woollahra). It was here that Anthia learnt how to consult one-on-one with patients and blend teas as naturopathic medicine.


Expert naturopathic advice, grounded in care

After completing her studies, Anthia started to build what would become Ovvio Organics. Ovvio Organics offer delicious, healing teas that you’ll want to drink all day. Anthia’s flagship Paddington store and tea room, on Sydney’s Glenmore Road, is also home to her naturopathic clinic where she consults with patients.

Anthia’s knowledge in health and wellbeing is phenomenal. She has an incredibly calming manner and helps to find real, manageable strategies to get her patients’ health back on track. She does this through naturopathic tinctures, teas, diet, gut biome analysis and lifestyle advice.


Shining a light on modern day stressors

A common ailment Anthia sees in patients is stress. Most of her patients are completely unaware that stress is even impacting them. Often people don’t see the signs of a highly stressful lifestyle, because modern lives have become so fast-paced, and stress so common, that we’ve normalised it. But Anthia reminds us that sustained stress isn’t normal.

‘People will come in with gut biome issues and don’t understand that stress is a major contributing factor. If you have a poor immune system, it’s stress. Because of stress, people tend to take less care of themselves, not eat well and run themselves ragged. Stress and adrenals can have an immediate effect on the gut biome.’

Anthia looks to counter balance stressors by supporting her patients physiologically, mentally, psychologically.


An organic life – good for you, good for all

As a passionate advocate for living an organic life, Anthia advises all her patients to switch to organic food. Anthia believes there is enough research to prove the food we consume, the air we breathe or the skincare we apply, can be filled with toxins. If we’re not eating organic, the food we’re consuming may be carcinogenic, create inflammation in the body, disrupt gut biome and diminish health. For Anthia, organic living is a considered way of living, looking at health beyond just the individual, to the holistic health of all. This means Anthia also supports farming that keeps our soil rich in nutrients, rather than practices that drain and deaden soil.


‘Good for you, good for all, is my credo. Our relationship with nature is symbiotic – every action we take has an impact on the environment. So be thoughtful, considered, discerning. Keep it real, keep it natural. Food is a good starting point. Eat unprocessed food, eat whole foods. There’s no point drinking a medicinal, therapeutic tea if it contains toxins.’


Conscious creating with Refill Revolution

From the outset, Anthia’s business had to have purpose, support the planet and be good for all. This has evolved now to include creating products without waste or with minimal impact, having recently launched ‘Refill Revolution’. With Refill Revolution, every Ovvio tea comes in a tin that can be refilled at Ovvio Organics’ flagship store in Paddington, or for the online customer, tea comes in a compostable bag. Anthia’s ongoing focus is to create a business that produces or as close to zero or minimal waste, as possible.


Tea as the ultimate in rest and ritual 

Experiencing Anthia’s tea brings a moment of pure bliss into our day, a time to pause, take a deep breath and enjoy the divine scents and flavours. Anthia reminds us to go quietly as we sip, to reflect and slow down. The ritual of boiling the kettle, scooping the leaves, pouring the water and sitting down to enjoy our tea, is worthy of our attention. Step away from the pace of the day and enjoy something really special.

See tea time as a moment of meditation, to remember who you are and what your purpose is. Do this for yourself, and you’ll get even more medicinal benefits from the tea.


Toxin-free skincare

Anthia is also an advocate for clean beauty, believing the effects of skincare ingredients are no different to food. Anthia has been following a toxin-free beauty routine for as long as she can remember. After reading how to get well, growing up with a toxin-free family and building her own awareness, Anthia became an early adopter of using natural toothpaste and skincare products.

Anthia explains that whether chemicals and irritants are absorbed internally or topically, they still end up in our body.

‘It’s the combinations and accumulations of chemicals over time that can really impede health. Just because we aren’t eating toxins, doesn’t mean we aren’t exposed.’

Anthia’s routine these days consists of using MV Organic Skincare. Anthia met Sharon (creator of MV Organic Skincare) when she had her beauty salon in Double Bay. Anthia says Sharon has ‘healing hands’ and a similar philosophy to her own. Anthia has been using MV Organics ever since, and loves creating a ritual around her daily routine.


Anthia’s daily skincare routine:

·       Anthia removes her eye make-up with MV Organics Skincare’s Jojoba Oil. She then uses their Gentle Cream Cleanser and a few drops of the Jojoba Oil for a full-face wash, working it around the face.

·       Filling a basin with hot water, Anthia uses MV’s hot Muslin Cloth to compress the cream and oil off.

·       Anthia then spritzes her face with rose water, alternating between MV’s Oxygen Moisturiser and Rose Soothing & Protective Moisturiser. She also alternates the MV Organic Skincare’s masks.

·       Lastly, Anthia approaches her whole routine mindfully, never jumping in the shower to rush through it. She loves the ritual of starting and ending her day with this simple, self-nurturing routine.